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Fading Light

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:13 am
by Pharon
The room sweltered and Mathron Lifebain wheezed the thick soup of Serpent's Hold air into his failing lungs.

Coughing ensued. It was a subtle rhythm. Inhale, wheeze, cough.

The old man had been old for as long as he could remember. Throughout the years his skin had sagged, his hair had fallen from his head, his eyes had grown dimmer. But her persevered because the magic had never failed him. Until now. The shadow in the corner of the room watch with quiet intent.

"Soon, Lifebain"

The dying mage lifted one hand to feebly wave away the words.

"You will finally repay your debt."

"You..." coughing "lie..." coughing "to me."

A hushed laugh, came from the creature in the corner of the room.

"Yes - we are Chaos after all."

Re: Fading Light

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:00 am
by Pharon
Pharon flung the door to the room open. The acrid smell of brimstone lingered on the air. It was the first thing he noticed. The next was the shape of his grandfather's frail frame charred into the sheets of the bed.

After decades of self imposed exile, Pharon had hoped to find more than an imprint of the man who had raised him.

The young pale woman who ran the hostelry stood in the doorway. Pharon had paid her little mind as she followed him up the stairs attempting to protest at the uncouth manners he used when he flew past her toward the privacy of her resident's rooms.

It was not until she spoke that he remembered he was even there.

"Pharon Lifebain"

He looked up to her face when she said his name. Her mouth hung slack, jaw to one side, hanging at an unnatural angle.

When she spoke he saw swirling glitter of color flash through her eyes.

"You have done so admirably. Living a life to avoid the mistakes of your grandfather. To keep a soul pure against the agents of corruption who so easily claimed Mathron. For that we commend you."

"Be gone, beast. Your platitudes and presumptions are meaningless, if only Legion know half the truths you pretend to."

"Chaos knows." A burbling laugh danced from the pale woman's open mouth. "And know this, Pharon Lifebain, you, your life, the lives of the people you know and love hang in the balance. We are at a crossroads, Pharon Lifebain. Your grandfather has joined Legion because he was our ally. But your fate can be the same if you are the enemy. Stand now and accept your loss, put Mathron and his folly behind you. Lest all your hard work to avoid his fate goes for nought."

"Pharon" a new voice, weak and far away, spoke through the maids mouth. "Let me go. Let me suffer for my sins...."

A long silence. The girl twitched unnaturally for several long moments. Throwing her head from side to side.

"The old man's spirit is so strong! He will do great work for us" The first voice finally spoke again. "Listen to him, Pharon Lifebain. He is lost to you."

With that the young woman shook her head, eyes clearing, she looked at Pharon with an exasperated frown and turned and huffed as she made her way back downstairs.