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The pursuit of Lord Blackthorne ...

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:38 pm
by KDSonoma
quick summary of the story so far .... (since we lost it when the hacker attacked hehe) ...

KD had ordered PrinceDavid to be stashed at a PAS hideaway far from Nujelm. There he was guarded by the famous Tu'kray, fearless and diehard trackers, the same ones that assisted PAS in the apprehension of the criminal, Lord British. Also there were a rotating series of famous PAS Elders and others, including Sew What and Karena, Territorial Marshall for Felucca.

The public assumed that PrinceDavid was under heavy guard at NJ Palace, where PAS 1st and 2nd Infantry were on guard night and day, with PAS 4th and 5th fleet patrolling the waters around NJ.

In another vision, KD saw that PrinceDavid was indeed a target of a new enemy, but one he could not see clearly. All the while, red criminals in felucca were making a counter attack in greater numbers. And as if this were not enough, Magincia was reportedly under invasion from an unknown enemy.

KD dispatched all available PAS divisions to Magincia to deal with this invasion. KD took 1st Infantry with him to fetch PrinceDavid and bring him home to NJ Palace. 2nd Infantry sailed with other Elders and Royal Guards to Magincia, and minimal troops were left at NJ for the moment.

After crossing thru the mountain pass to PAS hq1 (the secret location where PAS guarded PrinceDavid), KD discussed the situation with Karena, and asked her to activate the Sonoma Rangers and lead them into fel to deal with the red criminals there.

As they were discussing things, there was a commotion outside hq1 and while everyone jumped to their posts, one Tu'kray chased off into the darkness while the others set up a perimeter around hq1.

Ok so it was a LONG summary of things that happened up till now ...

and now finally the continuation ..

KD bolted outside hq1, the rain clouding his vision into the darkness. A Tu'kray told him that one of their members took off in search of intruders that had been trying to sneak towards hq1.

Karena looked down and noticed the footprints of the Tu'kray leading off, and without haste she was off into the night in full pursuit. KD motioned for the others to stay there and guard the Prince, and attempted to follow Karena.

After several moments, he was lost in the darkness, in the wet rain ... then suddenly he heard what a scream from just further ahead. he moved as quickly as he could towards the sound, and came upon Karena and a Tu'kray standing over the dead body of a man wearing very dark clothes. Karena was wiping blood from her sword, and shaking her head.

"I tried to wound him, my Lord, but he turned quickly and I'm afraid he's dead. He had doubled back on us and tried to catch us from behind, but he was very slow with his dagger" Karena said.

The Tu'kray nodded and said "He was not an assasin, thats for sure ... he was more of a scout, and a poor one at that. And he was alone here. Thats for certain."

KD nodded, and said "bring his clothes and anything he has on him and bury him please". Karena said "Yes, my lord" and she and the Tu'kray began to go thru his clothes, looking for anything that could lead to a clue as to who this person worked for, and what they were doing here.

KD walked slowly back to the camp and passed word for everyone to stand down.

*the plot thickens*

*to be continued ... *


PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:08 am
by KDSonoma
they quickly brought the man's belongings inside the hq.

The man had only a few items, but the Tu'kray looked at each one carefully. A candle, a book with nothing written inside, some scattered reagents, and a tattered spellbook.

The spellbook drew the interest of the Tu'kray, and one Tu'kray held the book and paged through it one by one as the other Tu'kray looked over his shoulder.

They each had a very puzzled look on their face .... as they looked at each other and nodded.

Finally, one turned to KD and spoke up ... "My King, we have discovered a clue ....this spellbook is very old. Its pages have been turned thousands of times. It belonged to a legendary mage. yet when this man was confronted with a battle, he fled rather than casting any spells. And the man carried few reagents ... this told us he was not ready for battle, and was likely not an assasin, as he had no other weapons on him. This man is a scout, carrying a legendary mage's spellbook....." The Tu'kray paused for a moment and looked down at some of the man's clothes.

"Excellent work my friends, please go on" said KD.

The Tu'kray continued ... "This man's shoes have red stains on them ... that tells us that he has recently been in the far eastern area of Britannia, east of Vesper. That is the only area where there is an abundance of red clay that could make such stains."

KD paused and said "Excellent work, my friend! Once we get PrinceDavid safely to NJ Palace, I will send PAS to investigate that area. Might we have the services of Nagisa again to aid in our search? "

Nagisa nodded to KD and said "I would love to work alongside my PAS brothers again. We will catch whoever was behind this and bring them to justice."

"Very good ... I would like the remaining Tu'kray to continue tracking this other man for now, to see where that leads us. Your trail is still fresh, and I believe that may give us further information once you catch up with him" said KD.

The other Tu'kray all bowed to KD and headed out the door.

KD joined the remaining PAS guards and Karena and they started their march to meet PAS first Army, waiting at the end of the valley to escort them to the sea, where PAS 3rd Fleet, under Admiral Moseby, would take them to Nujelm, and home.

Soon there was no one left at PAS hq1, and the rain continued to pour and soften the ground.

KD took one more look at his son, PrinceDavid before they left. KD thought to himself "he sure has his mother's eyes and smile." he covered PrinceDavid up again and began the short march thru the valley.

He remembered the games he played as a child here ... how he loved this valley, how he knew all the hiding places, all the places with a great view of the valley. Ah, times sure have changed .... and now a new threat has arisen for PAS.

The search for clues will begin ingame next ....



PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 3:19 pm
by KDSonoma
just a reminder that PAS does the first episode associated with this new quest tonight, Sunday, Feb 24, 2008.

So reread the prior posts to know the story so far .....

then PAS will determine the next episode done in rp story form, based on their actions tonight.

This is how we will proceed, one or more rp stories, one or more ingame events, all done without a script, with many possible outcomes ... many clues will not be found, so PAS will at times be dealing with partial information.

As they discover one clue, other ones will open up for them.

Please be on time, we will not be waiting for stragglers on these rp events.

And HAVE FUN WITH IT. Play your chars as you think they would act and talk ingame, be a leader, be a scout, be whatever you want your char to be.

And be prepared at all times for pvp or pvm.

For this first episode, there will be no pvp, but some events may take place in fel.



PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 8:14 pm
by KDSonoma
PAS members formed up at NJ to meet with Nagisa, high Lord Tuk'ray, a legendary tracker.

She was able to give them the only clues about the dead man so far ... his shoes had red clay found only east of Vesper.

PAS members set out in fel and tram, scouring the countryside.

Vin Decatur was busy dodging FL reds in fel, and several PAS stumbled upon the hunting lodges near the eastern shore.

Inside a barrel, they found a journal entitled "My story" .... it was badly worn, and they could only make out a few portions of the journal. It mentioned revenge, it mentioned the fact that no prison could hold him, and that he needed to get his mother out of that "government job" ... and later that rumors were that Magincia was being invaded.

PAS decided to check out Magincia first, and after much searching, Wes was able to find the Magincia Parliament building, still intact, on the SE corner of Magincia tram. There he saw a book, which was retrieved from the roof by Ariel Joy.

They read the book, addressed to "her son" in which she explained that Lord Blackthorne was the son's true father. She said he was in danger, that KD had sent people to try to kill Lord Blackthorne ... that she hid this book in the hope that her son would find it and seek out Lord Blackthorne, to help keep him safe from PAS and KD.

This led PAS members to seek out the next clue ... a prison ... and after much searching they decided that the Brittania Prison near Yew would be a good place to search.

After searching every cell, Malachai found a skullcap ... it had no special markings, it did not appear to be anything unusual, but he and the other PAS returned to Nagisa at NJ to ask for her help.

As she examined the skullcap, she noticed that it had a high level of salt in it, indicating the owner wore this to sea quite often. It was badly worn, but it also had another faint odor, one of .... alligators?

After much discussion about possible alligator areas near ports, PAS was still in a quandry. As they discussed this among themselves, Nagisa noticed a very faint mark inside the skullcap ... a little-known Pirate symbol.

Pirates? Alligators? Ports? Then all the PAS seemed to yell it at the same time BUCS DEN! They quickly left for Buc's Den, and noticed several old weapons that had been discarded awhile back, and what appeared to be a contract of employment.

They hurried back to Nagisa in NJ, and she compared the handwriting on the contract with the journal from the dead man, and it matched!

As Nagisa continued to examine the contract ..... the curtain dropped on EPISODE 1 of the Pursuit of Lord Blackthorne.

*to be continued soon in a rp story*

next ingame adventure: Thursday, Feb 28, 2008.

Stay tuned ....