Non-Event Nights

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Non-Event Nights

Postby Cinderella » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:03 pm

On the nights there are no events...

I suggest that on Wednesdays, that anybody who wants to can go do rooms for the Tower and do the first part of the Zipy quest...
EM Chimaera hasn't been having EM events on every Wednesday, the schedule shows most will fall on Thursdays now.

There are some that would like to do the shadow tower and Zipy more often. And on Saturdays we have no event and some of us usually go to Deal or No Deal (which usually goes over their time and then we have to wait for delivery). On those nights, for whoever comes on, do events like Sleeping Dragon, void pool, void manifestation, cavern of the discard, the abyss champ spawns, etc (meaning places that don't require keys)

And since we now have a little boy that wants to do events but it is past his bedtime, can we do something a little earlier on the weekends? Like say in the afternoon... Just an idea to think about... I would hate for him to give up on playing cause everyone always does things after he goes to bed. Don't want him to feel left out...
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