The Event That Almost Was

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The Event That Almost Was

Postby Ancyous de Vaile » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:28 pm

'Revenge Of The Heart'

"The seas call me back. My heart beating rhythmically beyond death's distant veil, I seek to hold once more that which was but mine."

The Starfire Escort has claimed the heart of her captain, Ancyous Enriqe de Vaile. She retains within her grasp that which he holds most dear - the ability to love. As well, she has relinquished dominion of her helm into the hands of de Vaile's mortal enemy, the pirate captain Manuel Peralda Rivero. Having come to be known as 'El Corazon del la Muerte' - The Heart of Death - Ancyous, a ghost who is able to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead, now sails the seas of both realms in search of The Escort and its illegitimate captain hoping to reclaim his heart, destroy Rivero and regain control of his ship.

In the interim he has become friends with Kaeles, a seaman of PAS; his own brother Kaylor having also joined forces with this group of hunters and crafters.

While sailing one day Ancyous hears his heart cry out to him, a dysrrhythmic whisper of warning that increases in timbre as a shadow appears upon the horizon and moves steadily closer, finally revealing itself to be The Escort - Manuel Rivero at her helm. Before Muerte has even a moment to react he watches helplessly as his heart appears in Rivero's hand, first as the beating organ it is in actuality, then suddenly transformed into a golden haired mermaid. Rivero locks eyes with Muerte as he walks to the railing and tosses the mermaid overboard . . . into the waiting arms of Charybdis who surfaces to catch her. The sound of Muerte's heartbeat fades to silence as the sea monster returns to the ocean's depths where he further transforms the ghost's heart into a changling capable of taking any form, thereby making it nearly impossible to identify. His work complete (and known only by Rivero and himself) he then releases the changling into the sea.

When Muerte alters his gaze back toward Rivero he discovers The Escort gone.

Muerte sails to Umbra seeking advice and assistance from his friend Kaeles and his brother Kaylor. Kaylor suggests going to the PAS elders, whom he is aware have in their possession an instrument by which Charybdis may be found. Ancyous and Kaeles approach PAS with a plea for their help. The elders agree to man a crew and employ the use of The Oracle of the Sea to search for Charybdis, however feeling this an undertaking of greater magnitude than that which only one guild would be able to handle, Chalnoth decides to contact the leader of the Sonoma Royal Guard to explain the situation and make a request for shard-wide participation. The call is put forth, then a public meeting held where a plan is worked out and detailed among the willing in attendance.

The ready fleet assembles at the designated port on the date and time decided upon, sailing together toward the area dictated by The Oracle of The Sea. Angered by this unheralded disturbance, Charybdis rises from the his lair with vile intent only to meet his demise at the hands of the highly skilled sailors who seek the changling. Search of the sea monster's corpse reveals no trace of the creature, but rather a curious 'clue' as to the changling's transformation and where it might possibly be found - a riddle, the answer of which is Compassion - the virtue symbolized by a heart.

The fleet returns to port, continuing the search on foot to Ilshenar Compassion based on the clue they've discovered. Northwest of the moongate is a narrow pass that leads to a keep of undead. Because he is 'undead/a ghost' this is where Muerte suspects his heart/the changling may well have gone and thus suggests as their destination. Battling the various beasts who guard the keep, the warriors finally make their way inside where they are confronted by a most horrific monster who, unbeknownst to them, is actually the changling. The key to victory in this confrontation is defeat without death or Muerte's heart will be lost and his ability to love forever impossible.
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