the battle of Jhelom

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the battle of Jhelom

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:42 am

we had a shard war in the very old days of PAS, where we had 3 SA guilds (I forget exactly which 3 guilds) and PAS vs Arcadian First and some of their allies.

We agreed on a battle in Jhelom, and agreed that we would let people use gates to the docks of each island to move their groups around.

PAS etc was to protect Jhelom, 1st was to invade.

Well we got mixed up meeting times and did not have a chance to meet with our allies to get streategy figured before hand. PAS went to the island with the farm on it, and stayed the required 3-4 screens away from the docks to let the enemy come in and invade.

Well we soon got word that 2 of our allied guilds gated into Jhelom and got creamed by 1st when they landed (wrong place wrong time for them).

So now it was 1st and their allies against about 20 PAS.

We held our ground, waiting for the 1st to show, and after 15 min I got tired of waiting and decided to pull us back north a bit to the teleporter to take us to them, figuring we would surprise them by attacking them.

We got set up, I yelled what we were doing, then all of a sudden, right before I gave the order to jump in the gate, a 1st player came thru the same teleporter. So I yelled HOLD and kill them. Well, if u ever saw the end of Wing Commander (the movie), it was just like that. The 30-35 of them came through the teleporter and we opened up on them as they came through. We killed every singel guy that day and lost no one.

It was sheer luck on our part but 1st also had good luck taking out the other 2 guilds the same way.

So we won the battle of Jhelom.

In a big way.

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