the battle of Occlo

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the battle of Occlo

Postby KDSonoma » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:53 am

We had another huge shard war years ago, and fought in the battle of Occlo. This one had about 80 players on each side. Our SA allies met, and we voted on one of the other gms of the guilds to lead our army. I was to handle rear guard, to keep everyone moving. PAS stayed on the back side with me.

Well, as always happens in these things, snafu's started really quickly. We gated way outside of town to form up, and there were like 20 dragons, so we had to wipe them first. The enemy had tamed them, dropped them in our landing zone, hoping to take us out. pretty slick idea actually.

But PAS was calm enough to just start killing them, and they all got killed in about 5 minutes, no losses on our side.

The enemy was in Occlo, and our goal was to take the town. One of the many guilds fighting us had 5 guys, and bragged for a week that one of theirs would kill 20 PAS so they could kill us without any help sheesh.

Well i started icqing the lead general, asking when they were ready to start. I should have known something was wrong because I didnt see many other guilds. We told the others not to stray ahead, and form up instead.

Then I got the icq "all dead in town". WTF? Well our lead general did not feel like waiting for everyone to get set, so they ran ahead and streamed into town one by one, getting picked off by the enemy. No survivors. Well CRAP hehe ... so I said "ok guys lets form a big box around me, and when I move, the box moves. Lets stay on the same screen, dont chase, and lets move to an area and take out anyone in range, etc.

Well hell i never saw better coordination, not just from the PAS, but also our allies. So about 25 of us moved towards town, toward a ton of enemies. but as luck would have it, the enemy got allexcited on killing those first troops, so they spread out over town looking for stragglers to kill.

We came into town, and dropped 5 of them in one spot, moved to another spot, stopped, fought, etc etc. The fun part was when we found those lamers that said they could each take out 20 PAS. They tried to run into the middle to kill me, and I was grabbing bars as fast as I could, watching for injured enemies to try to kill, because Im not that great on KD in a pvp battle one on one (I stink hehe).

Well it was hilarious, because everyone had those 5 down to almost nothing, and I shot an ebolt, dropped one, then another ebolt, etc. 5 ebolts, 5 kills shots. And everyone ingame yelled WHOLLY CRAP hehe.

Well we finished the town and won the battle. Wild win, and ugly, and our allies that got wiped at first learned later that we won the battle and went wtf? They had all given up and left hehe and missed the best part.

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