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Topsy Turvy

Postby Vin Decatur » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:27 pm

"Topsy Turvy"

There I wuz! Enemy in front of me!
Enemy behind me! Enemy on both sides!
Then I woke up.
I knew that was a dream. Apparently, all my enemies died.
Since we returned we have only seen three other people in Fel
They were all Bloos!
Karyn saw a couple and Vin ran into one in a dungeon, I ain't seen nobody.
My feelings is all hurt and stuff.
How can I have a Death Robe contest without murderers?
Just as I'm reaching for an ale (not that I drink that much, or tell lies),
Vin runs in with astounding news.
"Redz are in Britain!", he yells.
"Bank sitting in Britain? No wonder I can't find 'em.", I say.
"No! In Brittain, Trammyville.", he explains.
"Reds in Trammyville! Well, them cowards is hiding...wait.
Reds ain't allowed in Trammyville." I say.
Off to see for myself.
I make my way to Brit, Tram and find this Captain.
He says that people are starting trouble.
He gives me some rope ans asks me to capture some of these trouble makers.
So, the Redz are into Bondage now?
To each is own. Who am I to judge?
I spot a red guy. In Tram!
I say, "Dude, how did you get here, red and all?"
He takes that stance that expresses displeasure at my ability to breathe and walk upright.
I try playing bondage but he isn't having none of that and attacks.
That's when it becomes obvious.
Some bastige done drugged all the reds and sent them to Trammyville.
That's just wrong!
I know he was under the influence of evil drugs because he didn't smack me and then run away.
He stayed there and fought.
Weird. Who does that anymore...I mean besides me?
So, I killed him.
It was self defense. I am a certfied Judge and such. So I can't just kill people.
I wandered around and repeated the same kind of fight many times.
I also found some of them perverted bondage freaks and sent them to play with that Captain,
in his 'dungeon' I bet.
Just sad, Really.
It is my sworn duty to find the fiend drugging all our murderers and sending them to Trammyville.
Keep a keen eye open and let me know if you see any of them drug dealers around.
Remember little red murderer fellers and ladies,
Just say no to drugs.

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Postby KDSonoma » Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:01 am

*smiles* Another instant classic, my friend!

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