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Infernal Dash

Postby Vin Decatur » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:05 pm

Infernal Dash

Saturday in the 'hood.
The Calendar said Abyssmal Infernal CS .
Infrenal what? I have no clue.
A new place for Vin, I can't miss that!

Few people show up.
I understand that, it's Saturday.
Despite our better judgement, we head down anyway.
It's nice hanging' with a bunch of such fearless people...or crazy people.
Fearless and crazy, I think that describes PAS.

Our rag-tag team is:
Aidan, Caine Ithyliri, Chorus, Joyce, Turgon Telmena, Thor (PORN) and myself.

We enter the Stinky Abcess and make our way through a bunch of creatures not desiring our company.
Joyce and I are pelted with rocks, poison and other vile magiks.
We made it to the safety of the PvP area. Whew.
We race up the path and begin our killing spree.
I decide that Joycs'e pet collosus looks scared, so I hang out with it for a while.
Poor thing.
We smash and bash our way through several bumps.
MOST of us surviving by doing that two-step-ACK-RUN dance every now and then.
Somebody (not me for once) insisted on starting a nice death robe collection,
he changed his mind later as he decided his house did have a lock down limit.
(Sorry, with the current situation, I don't think anyone can ever beat 15 in 15 minutes without staging it.
My personal best is 14 in 15 minutes.)

We had been fighting a while and all of a sudden mass death arrived in the guise of
Archdemons and Abyssal Abominations.
Personally, I did that dance and managed to survive.
I bandaged up a couple of my fellow adventurers and we gingerly made our way back to teh fight.
Shortly there after, I tried the
dance to slowly and was given a consolatation prize of my own death robe.
I think I look good in gray.
Apparently, so do the denizens of Sonoma.
Several times after that, I had to do the two-step-ACK-RUN,
from now on we will call the Infernal Dash.
(As I spend a LOT of time poking in dark underground environs, I am used
to trying to die in a place that I can revover my body without further death robe collecting.)
It is difficult sometime not to fall back on this when I redline even with my friends around.
I spent several hours in Blood Dungeon after about that on Stratics from Mad's perspective.)
Eventually, the Champ arrived.
In the corner Infernal and in that coner PAS.
He cheats.
Lots of stuff keeps arriving to help him.
He hands me another death robe.
He best efforts are futile and we hand him a death robe.
It rains gold.

Raconteur and Court Jester

Dear UO Denizens,
PAS rocks Sonoma....and this means you.
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Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:18 pm

Great tale Vin,
Sorry we missed the fun last night.
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Postby Vin Decatur » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:14 pm


Like I said, understandable. I don't make it on a lot of Saturday and Sunday nights.

On Sunday my brain starts anticipating the trials and tribulations of a Systems Admin. eep.
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Vin Decatur
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