A Cry from a Friend, Away Too Long

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A Cry from a Friend, Away Too Long

Postby Chalnoth Tholl » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:50 pm

My Dear Liege Chalnoth,

Long has it been since I have adventured with the Lords and Ladies of the Peoples Army. My dear friend, I pray that you still have sway with that Noble Guild. For I fear if not, my fate is sealed. This Raven is my last hope of rescue.

My home, situated in the lands between the Paldins and Necromancers, has for the last fortnight undergone tremendous shaking from forces I am certain not of this world. My study leads me to understand that the rupture in the Void is speading past the Gargoyle City and is effecting the stability of the ground under my own home.

The damage already caused to my home has trapped me within these walls. I can only hope the strength and magic of the People Army can extricate me from this abode before it is turned to rubble. All I have will belong to the members of PAS if you can only arrive in time to save this unworthy flesh.

Ever in your debt my old friend,
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